How do I send a file through 2 hops?

In order to scp from an outside machine to an inside machine, our gateway machines vorlon or shadow must be used.  To get to the end machine, 2 hops are required.  This command utilizes scp's built in funcitons to allow a single command for putting a file from machine a -> gateway -> machine b securely: 

From Machine A:

scp -Cp -o "ProxyCommand ssh username@vorlon.eas.gatech.edu nc machineb.xxxx.gatech.edu 22" c.txt username@machineb.xxxxx.gatech.edu:c.txt

Please note that this is all one line, and you should substitute your username in both places, even though they may be the same. c.txt is the example file name. 


How do I undelete a file under Linux / Unix?

Unless there is a backup (done by yourself or ISG) there is no way to recover a file which has been deleted. Unlike Windows, UNIX does not provide a "trash can" to restore deleted files.


How do I connect to Linux / Unix servers?

To login to the Unix and Linux based servers in EAS you should use an SSH client which can be likened to a secure telnet client.

For Windows based machines a software package such as SecureCRT or Putty should be used.

For Linux and Mac machines, type "ssh [username]@[server name]" a connection will be established.


How do I change my password on the EAS servers?

EAS Servers use several methods of authentication, and changing your password depends on which machine you are logged into.  For the main department servers vorlon and shadow, you will need to visit the GT webpage:  http://passport.gatech.edu  Note that this changes your GT password. 

For other machines in the school, you will simply change your password on the server itself, or submit a request to EAS Computing for assitance.

To change your password on a  Linux machine, open a secure shell session to the server you wish to make the modification to. At the UNIX prompt type "passwd" and press enter. The system will ask you for your current password, then for your new password twice. (Your typing will not show up on the screen).

Passwords must be between 7 and 23 characters, not related to a dictionary word, and contain at least one non-alphabetical character (i.e. a number or special character).

When you have successfully changed your password, the system will tell you that "authentication tokens updated successfully". You can then logout of the server by typing "logout" and pressing enter.


How do I use a sftp client on a Linux/ Unix machine?

By typing: "sftp [username]@[server name]" a connection will be established.


How can I copy files to or from a Linux/ Unix server?

To access files from the Unix and Linux based servers in the EAS you should use a secure ftp client, WinSCP client (Windows systems), or Fugu client (Mac systems).


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