Basic Printing


Printing in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

As a student, you can print using the GT system known as Pharos. There is a kiosk located in the mailroom that can be accessed using your buzzcard to retrieve your printouts. You can install the printer driver for this printer by reading the following document: How to install the GT printer system 

EAS uses a consolidated printing model for regular printing needs.  EAS Printers are for official GT printing and should not be used to print out personal documents.  Documents printed for GT Classes are considered GT business.  Printers are located in 1221, L1110, Mailroom, and 3179.  EAS Computing will install drivers on your computer system to access these printers. 

There is a quota for student use on the printers of 300 B&W pages per semester.  Color printing as available, and will be  charged atd 2 B&W pages.  Students who are TA's or who work in labs without printers are given a second quota per semester for their added duties.


GT Printing Services


Georgia Tech also provides printing services for faculty and students.  You can read more information about this service here:

This printing option allows for 50 B&W pages or 10 Color pages per week to be printed, and you can add more credits to your Buzzcard for additional printing.

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