EAS Storage


EAS provides a shared storage pool for graduate students to connect to.  Each graduate student can connect a lab machine, virtual machine, or desktop machine to the storage, which will show up as another drive on their system.  Currently, each student has a limit of 25 Gigabytes of storage, which is backed up nightly. 

This pool also unifies storage for all of the ES&T computer labs administered by EAS, which include 1221, L1110, L1155, and the mailroom computer.  You do not have to be an EAS graduate student for this access, but must be in an EAS class.

This storage can act as a single repository for your data allowing for a single source for all the lab, virtual, or desktop machines in EAS. 

For windows machines, this drive shows up as the "S:" drive.  Note we also mount your prism share, which will show up as the "P:" drive.

Please contact EAS Computing if you would like this enabled on your GT desktop.

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