Data Archive

EAS Computing can assist you with archiving your data for storage, regulatory requirement, or proposal requirement.  To be clear on the difference between backup and archive in EAS, let’s define the terms.

Backup:  This is a copy of your data for the purpose of restoring it in the event of loss.  Loss can be accidental deletion, had disk failure, or corruption of data.  Depending on the method used for backup, you may have restoration ability for your data from weeks to several months. 

Archive:  Archiving your data places it on media for the purpose of long term storage.  It is not readily available for restoration, and the storage it was copied from would have generally been reused for other purposes.  Think of archiving your data as removing it from the computer and putting it on the shelf in case it is needed at a later date.

EAS Computing has several methods to assist you with archiving your data:

·         Disk removal, placed on shelf with documentation as to ownership and required storage time.

·         DVD or Blu Ray copies of data.

·         True archive quality tape storage.

Depending on the time the data needs to be stored, you could choose disk storage (short time archive) to tape storage of data (long term archive).  Some would argue that disk storage is not archive, but if funds are not available, or the data is very large, it may be the only solution available.

The department has DVD’s available is small quantity, but their storage is limited to around 8Gb each.  EAS makes its LTO6 tape drive available for archiving, but requires the PI to purchase tapes.  Tapes are generally $50 each, and they hold between 2.5 – 6 Terabytes each, depending on how compressible your data is.

To initiate an archive request, simply email

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