What are the available site license software packages on campus?

OIT @ GT maintains a website for site licensed software. You will need your login and password to access the site. Once logged in, please select your affiliation and software type. You will then be presented with a list of software that is available to you. Note that some of the programs may not show up under your affiliation. If not, please contact EAS Computing for information on the programs you are looking for.



Where can I find other software not available on campus?

You may visit the Georgia Software Resources and Services page to check a variety of software. SRS is a service provided to the University System of Georgia with the goal of providing quality software in a cost effective manner for GT owned equipment, and now for personal use as well.

Also, visit E-Academy Software site to obtain Autodesk and Microsoft Software at educational prices. This purchased oftware is available for personal use.  See OIT's software page and look toward the bottom of the page for a link.

In addition, the Georgia Tech bookstore offers a variety of software at educational prices available to the public.




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