CrashPlan Backup for EAS


EAS utilizes the CrashPlan Enterprise software for desktop and notebook backup.  This program provides continuous backup to either one or more servers located in EAS and OIT.  One also has the option of attaching a physical external disk to the computer and use it as an additional backup location.

Students, faculty, and staff can use this software to backup GT owned equipment by requesting it from EAS Computing.  You will have the ability to configure, backup, and restore data to your machine by yourself, or by assistance if requested.

Notebook backups may be performed from any location that has an Internet connection.  You do not have to be on campus for this ability.  You can also restore from any location, so if you are on travel and need to restore a file, you are covered 24x7x365.

Backups made with CrashPlan are encrypted with a key that is user dependent.  Nobody else has access to your backup, and they would not be able to decrypt it if they were to obtain it. 

There are currently 13 Terabytes of EAS data being backed up on the EAS server. (June 2015)

For more information on CrashPlan at Georgia Tech, please see the OIT pages here.

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