Advice for Creating Posters



Although the content of a poster presentation is most important, the display of the presentation can enhance or detract from the impact of the program or study. A successful poster display is concise, easily read, and understood by viwers at a glance.

The poster presentation should include:

  • title
  • authors and advisor statement of the problem
  • objectives of the research or project
  • methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program
  • outcomes or future goals

Use the headings above or similar ones, to guide your reader. Reading time for your poster should not be more than three minutes.


Even though content should obtain most attention, the following guidelines for display will certainly help to the interest of your poster presentation:

  • Lettering used on the poster should be at least these sizes:
    • Title:1 inch (72 points or 2.5 cm)
    • Authors: 2/3 inch (40 points or 1.7 cm)
    • All other text: 1/3 inch (24 points or 0.8 cm)
  • Display should be easily read from four feet away.
  • Use a simple, uncluttered design.
  • If your poster is not one graphic piece, make a pre-drawn plan of the poster as you intent to display its components, and stop by Dr. Hartley's office for further advice.
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