Classroom Technology


There are two types of classrooms used for teaching in EAS.  OIT supported classrooms, and EAS supported classrooms. 

OIT Supported Classrooms

Georgia Tech classrooms we use for EAS in the Ford ES&T building come equiped with computers, projectors, and sound.  These would include ES&T L1205, L1175, and L1116.  These are maintained by OIT's classroom support group.  If you should have problems with any of these, please contact them at 894-4669.  Their staff can be dispatched immediately when you have the issue.

It should be noted that these provided computers have the standard software load on them throughout campus.  If you need to run special software, you would need to bring your own laptop computer with the software loaded on it.  Connections are available to connect your devices to the projection system.

Please Click Here for more information on OIT's classroom support.


EAS Supported Classrooms

These are rooms in ES&T that may be used for classes, but are primarly conference or meeting rooms.  They include L1114, 1177, and 1229.  Resources in these rooms are as follows:


  • Projector with screen
  • Whiteboard


  • Whiteboard
  • Portable projector is available for checkout


  • Projector with screen
  • Whiteboard


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